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How does Gouty Tophi form in my Body?

Gouty tophi is a tumor-like growth that appears on the skin of gout patients who have been suffering from hyperuricemia or high uric acid for many years. Gouty tophi is a sign of gout and can develop in a later stage. To understand how gouty-tophi forms in your body, it is necessary to first understand how the body regulates the level of uric acid in the blood. This is because uric acid is the raw material that causes gouty-tophi formation.…
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How to get rid of Tophi Gout?

Tophi gout refers to the painful stage of gout when horrible-looking 'lumps’ appear at the joints. If left untreated, they can lead to serious problems. There are medications that can help, but these can have side effects and should be taken on a regular basis. Talk to your doctor about natural treatments for tophi gout. Tophi (orophaceous) Gout is caused when there is a buildup of uric salts (monosodium-urate crystals) around the joints affected. Gout attacks that are frequent, frequent,…