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Olives in various stages

What are benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for Gout? 0 (0)

Olive leaf extract (OLE), has been known for its many benefits since ancient Egyptian times. The first recorded use of olive oil was to mummify the bodies of Egyptian kings. The olive tree is mentioned in many biblical texts. Over the years, there have been many reports about its use as a treatment for fevers. Modern times are more aware of the many benefits of olive oil extract. Check out the six benefits I have listed below. Uric acid is…
Arbequina olive branche

Is Olive Leaf a Great Herbal Medicine? 0 (0)

Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, knew that olive oil had medicinal properties. He prescribed it for ulcers and other ailments. Its active ingredient is the phytochemical oleuropein compound. It is broken down into elenolic acids, an anti-bacterial agent that kills viruses by preventing the production of amino acids. This makes it a powerful antibiotic. Olive oil is an integral component of Mediterranean cuisine. The natural goodness of Olive is responsible for the youthfulness of the locals.Let's start To suit…