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Apple vinegar

How to naturally cure Urinary Tract Infection?

Is there a natural cure for a urinary tract infection that doctors aren't telling you about? Are pharmaceutical companies making billions from an infection that can be treated with lifestyle and diet changes? You might be amazed at the results of research on a natural UTI cure. I grew up in America, and I remember what it was like to hear the words "natural remedy". We now hear those words, which were once taboo in many developed countries, because we…
Human kidney

What causes Disorders of the Urinary System?

The urinary system is an important part of the body's excretory system. It is composed of two kidneys that form and excrete urine, two ureters that transport it from the kidneys into the bladder, and a urinary system, where urine is temporarily stored. A urethra allows urine to pass from the bladder to the outside of the body. The urinary system is essential for maintaining a proper fluid volume and controlling the amount of urine excreted. It also regulates the…