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What Are Cherry Juice Extract Benefits?

There is a lot of buzz these days about the health benefits of cherries. Everybody has heard the expression, “A spoonful of sugar helps to lower the medicine.” With all the antioxidants in cherries, there is no better way to enjoy them than by eating a few juicy cherries. Recent studies have shown that some antioxidants found in cherries can be used to treat gout and other forms arthritis. Unfortunately, arthritis sufferers will not find relief by simply eating a few cherries. A handful of cherries does not have enough antioxidants to reduce arthritis swelling to comfortable levels.


This does not mean that people with gout or other painful inflammatory conditions must choose between eating cherries all day and missing out on the health benefits. Cherry juice extract can be bought online and in health food shops. Many companies are trying to profit from the hype surrounding cherries and their ability to reduce arthritic swelling. There are many cherry juice extract products on the Internet. It is important to not be deceived. Not all products are created equal and the price is not always a reliable indicator for quality.

There are many types of cherries. Not all cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. The most effective remedy for arthritic pain due to inflammation is Bing cherries. When searching for cherry juice extract, it is best to choose a product made only from this type. You should look for a different product if the list of ingredients or other types of cherries is not provided with the product you are looking at buying.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice extract is available in two forms: concentrate and juice. Concentrated extracts allow you to control how much of the beneficial antioxidants are consumed at once. If your swelling isn’t too severe on one day, you can reduce the concentration more than usual. On days when it is more painful, you can also water down the concentrate more. You cannot make an extract more concentrated, even though you can water it down in juice form.

If the company you are purchasing from is legitimate and sells high-quality product, cherry juice in concentrated form will usually be cheaper as it requires less packaging. No matter which route you choose to take to reap the health benefits of cherries, it is important that you shop around before you make a decision. When looking for the best value, compare similar products.


Before comparing prices, find the product that suits your needs first. Next, search for similar products and read reviews. Cherry juice is a healthy alternative for many anti-inflammatory drugs used in arthritis treatment. However, this type of treatment is still relatively new and is not yet regulated and controlled by the F.D.A.