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Kaip gydomas kelio sąnario artritas?

How is Arthritis of Knee Treated? The term “arthritis” simply means “inflammation in the joint”. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or disease. Inflammation causes stiffness, pain, swelling, and tissue damage. A joint is the place where two bones join. The largest joint in the body is the knee. To provide a cushion for the bones, cartilage is a spongy material that covers the joints. This allows the joint to move freely without pain. The cartilage cushion can become damaged or inflamed around joints, making mobility more difficult. Are There Multiple Types of Arthritis? There are many types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is the most common.

Artrito tipai

Gouty arthritis and rheumatoid are two other types that are common. Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage that covers the bone ends slowly wears away. This is why it is called “wear-and tear arthritis.” The cartilage can be damaged and bones rub against each other, causing pain and swelling. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body, but most often it affects the knee. Rheumatoid Arthritis is also known as RA. It is a chronic disease that causes deformities and joint destruction. It affects the hands, wrists, knees, and wrists most often. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the body’s immune system attacking itself, causing the joint lining swelling and pain. The inflammation caused by RA spreads to surrounding tissues, eventually causing damage to bone and cartilage.

This causes instability in the joint, severe stiffness, and pain with movement. Gouty Arthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints and occurs when the body can’t eliminate or produces too much of uric acids. This natural substance builds up in the joints and forms needle-like crystals, causing severe pain and swelling. Gouty arthritis is most commonly found in the big toe. However, it can also affect the knee and wrist joints. What are the symptoms of arthritis? Different types of arthritis can cause different symptoms. It all depends on how severe the condition is. The most common symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness and tenderness.


How is arthritis diagnosed? A complete medical history and a variety of imaging techniques are required to diagnose most forms of arthritis. To evaluate your joints, your orthopedic specialist will use MRIs and X-rays. Sometimes, your doctor will need to test your blood, urine, joint fluid, and other bodily fluids to determine the type arthritis you have. How is Knee Arthritis treated? Your orthopedic specialist is concerned about your health. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain and increase mobility and strength in your knee joint. There are many treatment options available, including medications, heat compresses and cold therapy.

What is involved in Surgical Treatment? Surgery may be an option if your arthritis is not responding to nonsurgical treatments. There are many surgical options. The first is knee osteotomy, where an orthopedic surgeon uses fiber optic technology in order to view the inside of the joint and repair any damage. An osteotomy is a procedure that removes the thighbone or shinbone to improve alignment of the joint. Sometimes, the doctor will need to perform a partial or total knee arthroplasty in order to replace damaged cartilage. If the knee has lost or limited cartilage, cartilage grafting can be done.

Food for Joints

Foods have been used for centuries to treat different conditions. Many doctors recommend a change of diet to treat various diseases. Gout and arthritis are two of the most common chronic diseases. Nutrition plays a greater role in treatment. Joint pain can be caused by injuries, or it may be caused due to an infectious disease. The most common cause for joint pain is arthritis. This is caused by inflammation of the joints due to the wear and tear of cartilage. Normal daily activities can cause wear and tear to cartilage. Osteoarthritis, which is more common in women, is characterized as chronic pain in the joints. Many people suffering from arthritis will experience pain in their hip joints and other major joints. It is important to understand the main nutrients that are known for preventing and combating pain. This will help you choose foods that not only give you energy but also relieve your pain.

Vitamin C is an important nutrient in the fight against arthritis pain. Vitamin C slows down the wear of joints, thereby preventing arthritis progression. Vitamin C provides antioxidants to the body that reduce the effects of free radicals. Vitamin C is also important in the formation collagen, which is the main ingredient of bone and cartilage formation. Vitamin D and Calcium, on the other side, help protect your bones and prevent joint pain. Calcium is known for preventing bone loss and preventing osteoporosis. Hip pain relief is possible with the help of B vitamins. These vitamins help reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. Vitamin E is also a pain reliever. Vitamin E is particularly helpful in relieving pain associated with osteoarthritis. There are many foods that can be eaten to help relieve joint pain. This list is not complete.


The nutrients provided by the foods are listed below. Combining the foods can result in a meal rich with pain relieving nutrients. Whole foods are the best source for joint pain relief foods. Whole foods such as bananas, apples, whole grains, pumpkins, and cinnamon are great sources of fiber and energy. These foods contain a mix of vitamins and will provide you with your daily intake of many vitamins. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and other leafy greens are rich in vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is also found in certain fruits, such as oranges and grapes. Fish provide vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acid, which can help reduce inflammation. You might also consider garlic, Chile peppers (contains capsaicin), curry powder (contains anti-inflammatory compounds) and water (to flush out uric acid from the body, which will ease joint pain.


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