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What Are Gout Causes?

Your big toe suddenly starts swelling while you are working. Then comes the attack: a sharp, painful pain. You may be asking yourself, “What causes gout?” Gout was first recognized as a disease of the rich. Wines and salty meats are often the culprits. Gout is now widely recognized as a result of abnormally high levels of uric acid. Crystals and stones can form in the joints when uric acid levels are high. Gout can cause pain and swelling, especially in the joints. This is a long-standing controversy in science.


However, it has been established that gout can be caused by eating foods high in purine. Meats such as beef, pork, lamb, and seafood, including crab and lobster, are all high in purine. High levels of uric acid can also be caused by organs such as the liver and kidney. Habitual alcohol consumption is also a contributor. Numerous studies have shown a link between gout, lead poisoning. Gout was caused by lead sugar, which was once used in wine sweeteners. People born with inherited metabolic conditions can have high levels of uric acid.

This is called errors in purine-pyrimidine metabolic. These people are unable to metabolize uric acids in order to excrete it from the body. This causes it to lodge in their blood. The newborn screening test can detect this disorder early. Gout can also be caused by other diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and renal disorders. Gout is caused by a disruption in circulating volume or absorption.

Did You Know?

Gout can be a problem in some cases of solid organ transplants. This is due to side effects of immunosuppressants. Gout can be caused by many other factors than the ones listed above. However, these are not scientifically proven causes. Gout is a condition that causes pain. However, it is important to treat the symptoms. Uric acid, which is the main cause of gout in the first place, builds up in the blood, making it acidic.

The key to controlling it is to balance the acidity of your blood by eating the right diet and drinking alkaline fluids. Alkaline water has pH 7.5, which is beneficial in maintaining balance in the body’s acidity. Uric acid is a type of acid and can raise blood acidity when it is high in excess. Alkaline water can help to balance the body’s pH and prevent painful attacks of gout. Alkaline water and a low-purine diet will help you avoid those painful attacks that can lead to gout attack.