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Can Diet Alone Combat Gout?

Gout can be treated with diet alone. This would make sense, as gout is caused by faulty purine metabolism. It would then seem that gout could be eliminated by cutting down on or eliminating all purines. Gout pain would seem to be enough to motivate sufferers to change their diets. However, this is not the case. Gout patients don’t have to be strict about their diet. They can still enjoy a wide range of delicious foods. It’s not just about what you eat but also how much of what you shouldn’t eat.


Gout symptoms are most common in meat. However, if we could eat a small amount of protein once a week, then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about eating meat. We tend to overindulge and eat way more than we need. This can lead to us becoming sick. Gout is a condition that requires you to avoid alcohol, especially beer. Crash dieting can trigger gout. If you are overweight, a healthy gout diet can help you lose weight slowly. Gout diets should include a high amount of organic fruits and vegetables.

Celery juice is great for helping your body eliminate those nasty glass-like shards urate crystals that lodge in your toe joints and cause intense pain. Gout is a simple treatment for what could be a long-term health problem. The problem is not treated by taking medication to reduce inflammation and pain. Overindulgence with purine-rich foods that are linked to a predisposition for gout is the root cause.

Be Aware

Taking pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage the symptoms will only make the problem worse. Side effects of every drug can also be caused by side effects. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, organic sourdough breads and organic sugarless cereals are all good options for gout. You should also eat ground flaxseed meal, organic sourdough breads and organic sugarless cereals.

Avoid fast food, fried foods and organ meats. You should also avoid pizzas, fried foods, diet sodas and sodas of any type, sugar substitutes, alcohol, especially beer. Gout diet is simple and can quickly return you to your health. It is better to make small changes to your eating habits to live a healthy lifestyle than to suffer from gouty arthritis. A healthy gout diet can cure your gout.


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