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Are there Diets that help Control Gout?

Gout is a condition that affects the body’s joints, particularly the ones at the extremities. Gout is characterized by a high level of uric acid, which can’t be eliminated. Uric acid is a waste product that the body produces when certain foods are consumed. The kidneys help to eliminate uric acid. However, if the body cannot eliminate excess uric acid, it will remain in the joints and soft tissues. This is why the joints are the most affected, especially the big toe, feet, ankles, arms, and hands.


Gout was considered a disease that was caused by diets since ancient times. Gout can be caused by excessive alcohol and food intake. It is possible to develop if you eat high-purine foods. Gout can also be caused by regular drinking of alcohol. Gout is most common in men aged 40 and over. They account for a large percentage of patients. Women are not at the same risk as men.

We know that gout can be caused by a variety of factors, including diet, alcohol intake and high doses medication. People should avoid foods high in purine to avoid gout.


Purine causes uric acid. Purine is found in most foods of animal origin. These foods can be consumed in moderation, but they should not be restricted. Vegetables with apigenin and other flavonoids are also recommended. Apigenin can be found in vegetables such as parsley, thyme, and peppermint.

Black berries are recommended for people suffering from gout due to the chemicals they contain. Experts believed that high-purine vegetables like asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and peas could cause gout. Our specialists now know that these vegetables do not increase the risk of developing gout.


Patients should be educated about the best diet to manage gout. Patients should be aware that their source of protein should not be meats and that they should eat low-fat dairy products and soy. They should also stop consuming high-fat products and find a replacement. Gout is most often caused by drinking beer. Gout patients need to drink at least 8 cups of fluid per day.


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