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Is Gout the cause of my Foot Pain?

Because they are responsible for all the weight we carry around, itching feet can cause pain in the feet and other parts of the body. It can cause us pain, so we might avoid going to the gym. Instead, we may enjoy shopping as much as a trip the (sorry guys!) dentist. You don’t have to suffer if you understand the cause.


  • Cause: Arthritis is a common condition. It can be caused by injuries, wear and tear, or rheumatoid, which is an autoimmune disorder. This condition usually begins in small bones like the feet and ankles. The symptoms may include skin reddening and inflammation. There are remedies: Topical applications such as gotu kola, willow bark, and capsaicin may be helpful. Capsaicin is able to turn off the pain signal to your brain. However, it is best to purchase it commercially prepared because it is very powerful. Extracting gotu kola and willow can be done by using water or olive oil. Avoid willow if your are allergic to aspirin, or have gout.
  • Cause: Broken Bones. Stress fractures and accidents may cause broken bones in the feet or ankles. Running or jogging can cause tiny fractures. There are remedies. If you have access, the above topical treatments could be helpful. However, many of the breaks can be covered by a cast. While the injury heals, it is important to use ice, rest, and elevation.
  • Cause: Diabetes can lead to numbness or phantom-like pain. The nerves sending a pain signal to the area when there is nothing wrong. This could be life-threatening and should be treated by your doctor. Two reasons to avoid Capsaicin: It could cause blistering. It can be more difficult for diabetics, especially those on the feet, to heal from injuries. A second reason is that the pain signal is not real and counterirritants are unlikely to provide much relief. Some people may find relief from the pain with topical applications of gotu kola and willow.
  • Cause: Gout. Although technically considered arthritis, this condition is distinct from other forms of arthritis. Uric acid crystals can cause gout. The kidneys filter out uric acid, which is a waste product from purine, normally. If there is too much purine or if the kidneys are damaged, it may not be filtered out completely. It can then build up and form crystals. There are remedies: If you want to avoid future flare-ups, it is important to reduce your protein intake. Purine is derived from protein. Unless you are on aspirin therapy, you will need to avoid aspirin. You should also avoid willow bark as it contains the same chemical. Cherry juice, cherries, and other berries can reduce inflammation and lower uric acid. Capsaicin is not recommended for active gout flare-ups. It can cause severe pain. Elevation, rest, and ice are all good options for relieving pain and getting over the attack.
  • Cause: Shoes: The way your feet feel at the end can be a major factor in how they feel. High heels, especially the spiky, can cause pain in the feet and ball of your feet due to the pressure they are under. Shoes that are too tight around the top, especially in the vicinity of the toes, can cause severe pain. There are remedies: If it is possible, you can avoid wearing the shoes. However, this is not always the case.


If you are experiencing severe pain, ensure that you have not suffered from a stress fracture or any other medical condition. Capsaicin, foot rubs, and ice can all help. If there isn’t an obvious problem, pain in the feet should be diagnosed. This will allow you to determine which home remedies are most effective. Your doctor should be aware of any medical conditions and all medications you take, regardless of whether they are prescription drugs or supplements. This will allow you to get a precise diagnosis and the best advice on how to manage your pain. It will also prevent side effects from drug/herb interactions.


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