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What is a Good Recommended Gout Diet?

What causes Gout?

Consuming higher amounts of purine-rich foods can increase the production of uric acids. This can cause crystal-like deposits to form on the joints. Gout is when these deposits become red, painful, or inflamed.

Gout can be painful but can be prevented by eating the right diet. Gout is usually diagnosed by a doctor and placed on a restricted diet. Others will listen to suggestions from family and friends for a new diet.

What is the best Gout Diet recommendation?

There are some guidelines that can help you prevent gout:

  • This generally means avoiding purine-rich foods. In laymen’s terms, the more purines you eat, the greater your risk of developing uric acid deposits in your joints. Reduce your purines intake to lower your risk. Purines increase the amount of uric acid, which causes deposits to build up in your joints.
  • Individuals with weight problems should take steps to reduce their weight and reach their desired weight. This is not only to treat and prevent gout, but also for health reasons. It is important to take things slow and easy when trying to achieve your desired weight. Don’t overdo it or strain yourself. It is important to keep your weight loss to a maximum of 2 pounds per week for your overall health and well-being. For weight loss, it is best to slowly reduce your food intake and increase your exercise routine. To lose weight, it is not a good idea for anyone to fast. This can increase the production of uric acid, which causes crystal-like deposits that lead to gout. This will cause a flare-up or episode of gout if you already have it.
  • Reduce the intake of high-protein and fatty foods. Meat, sardines, yeast (baker’s and brewer’s) should be avoid because they have a very high level of purine.
  • Your water intake should be increased to at least 2 liters daily. This will help flush out extra uric acid from the kidneys and make it easier to remove it from the body.

After six weeks, your doctor can usually modify the diet. It will depend on how your body reacts to the new diet. It is important that the patient follows the diet strictly for the first few weeks. As often as possible, reduce or eliminate the amount of purine. To ensure that you don’t cause any other medical conditions to worsen, your doctor should give you permission to change your diet and water intake. These are just a few examples of what your doctor might recommend for your new diet. These guidelines can be used to help you decide what gout diet is best for you.

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